Are You Building a New Home?

Are You Building a New Home?

Get custom painting services in the Cheyenne, WY area

A new house should look impressive. A quality paint job can make your house stand out and show off your personality. The right paint will also help protect your exterior from the elements. Paramount Painting provides custom painting services in and around Cheyenne, Wyoming. We'll help you decide on the paint color and type that's right for your house. Our team will prepare the surface prior to painting so your paint will last for years.

Arrange for residential painting services in Cheyenne, WY or surrounding areas.

We paint all kinds of homes

Every home is unique, and different designs require different techniques. Paramount Painting has been providing residential painting services for nearly 30 years.

Our crew can paint…

  • Model homes
  • Tract homes
  • Custom homes

If you want your house to look like the rest of the homes in your neighborhood, we’ll make it match. If you’re building a custom home and want a unique look, our custom painting services will get the job done.

Call us at 307-631-5013 to get your house professionally painted.